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A Real Game Changer

Meagan Ollari Designer & Founder

Maria was an intricate part of establishing the foundation of my business. She really helped me hone in on what I was missing as a start-up brand. Maria was there every step of the way from helping me complete my business plan, setting up meetings, researching competitors, configuring my pricing structure to setting up sales goals and revamping my website. She held me accountable for getting things done the right way and switched my thinking from merely a Designer to Designer PLUS business woman. I am so thankful for the support and motivation she has given me as my business coach throughout this journey.

My go to fashion specialist

Jay S. National Sales Manager, Lily Nily

Vibe Consulting has helped us boost our sales dramatically. Maria and her team are professional, friendly, passionate, and have a keen understanding of our industry. They are diligent in their work and incredibly responsive to our every concern. Vibe Consulting has without question been a major factor in our success.

A true professional


When I was introduced to Maria Pesin a year ago, I thought she was so direct and honest that she scared me a little. It is exactly these qualities that I have come to value and treasure in Maria as my coach. She says what she thinks and never loses the focus of what we are discussing. I may try to change the topic, or get distracted and she always brings me back to what I really need to face and make my first priority. Often there is a phone call I am procrastinating about, sometimes I need to say no to some bright, shiny idea that is taking me in another direction and away from the work I need to do. Maria will repeat " Do it TODAY, not next week. And email me after you call them." There is no wiggle room, the first priority is the first priority. Maria really cares about me and my company's progress. I have accomplished a lot this year and owe much of it to her.

My best find!

Melina Nmili Founder, Lallabee

Maria was my best find of 2015! Within the first three months of working with Maria I had accomplished more than ever before (and I had already been doing this for two years). She helped me design a solid marketing / retail plan for my line and introduced me to resources I wouldn't have been able to find on my own. As a mom, a wife, a business woman, having talent like Maria by my side really makes a difference, and I simply do not see her not being part of my team as my brand continues to grow.

One of my main pillars

Karen Garst Anne Mitchell, Ltd.

Thoughtful, genuine, straightforward, knowledgeable, and generous, Maria Pesin embodies all of these qualities and more. She has been a valuable part of my journey through the fashion world and would be a worthy travel companion for anyone else looking to navigate the fashion landscape.

The Real Deal

DeMarcus Rush Founder & President Dapper Media

I really enjoyed my time working with Maria. She was full of information, and dedicated to getting the best out of not only our project, but ourselves. During my time working with her, she never hesitated to share her knowledge of fashion, as well as in business. She will be a great asset to anyone, or business, that she comes in contact with, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Incredibly Grateful!

Laura Ethos Style Collective

I am incredibly grateful to have found Maria. Her guidance and support has meant the word to me. When I decided to pursue opening a company as an independent fashion sales rep I really didn’t know where to begin. I was eager to get started and didn’t want to take the time and money to get another degree. I searched for online classes and books on the subject but found very little. I reached out to Maria after I ran across Vibe Consulting online and I am so grateful I did. Maria offers a wealth of wisdom and she shares it with a nudge to keep me moving forward. I really enjoyed the many stories she shared of her experiences in the fashion industry. She didn’t sugar coat things. She spoke in a direct manner and pushed me to do my best. I honestly could not have worked with a better mentor. Maria is a shining example of someone who is doing exactly what she is meant to be doing. I am proud to say that my fashion rep company is up and running now thanks to Maria!

She knows what she's talking about!

Lisa Gafney Jennie Maag

Maria Pesin is very professional, experienced and well connected in the garment industry. She has a positive, can do approach to the issues that small and growing companies face.

She's got experience in the battlefield!

Scottie K. Image Diary

I have had the fortune of working with Maria Pesin of Vibe Consulting for over 9 months. She has taken this newbie accessory entrepreneur who had nothing but some scrappy samples, a passable web site, but lots of talent and determination to a designer with a complete collection for Spring/Summer 2016. And by complete, I mean the whole package: gorgeous samples, updated web site, business plan, competitive analysis, and more importantly provided a jump start to approaching sales reps and boutiques. I have worked with Maria on an individual basis and as a participant in her 6-week Group Coaching Program and I can say both were invaluable. If you’re a slacker or procrastinator, this isn’t for you. But, if you’re focused and eager, then Maria and Vibe Consulting can be your partner to success.