Our Clients Understand the Fashion Industry. But...

Times are changing.

The clients we work with have passion and conviction for fashion. They’re visionaries that spend every waking hour dedicated to what they do. The ingredients for success are there—which makes it all the more frustrating that their revenues are flat, their sales aren’t what they should be, and their debts continue to increase without any noticeable difference to their bottom line.

We Founded Vibe Consulting to Help These Businesses.

Vibe Consulting was founded to help entrepreneurs make sense of the massive changes taking place within the fashion industry. If you’re a struggling entrepreneur working in the fashion world, you understand:

  • The industry has gone through an incredibly rough patch that has lasted years
  • Large retailers have consolidated and smaller boutique stores have gone out of business
  • Manufacturing continues to move off shore, and minimum orders continue to rise
  • The internet is continuing to revolutionize the fashion industry’s business model
  • Margin erosion is taking its toll on everyone’s bottom line

Any one of these things is enough to disrupt the status quo. Together, they pose a crisis that simply cannot be ignored. We can no longer run our business reactively, nor can we run it like we always have.

It’s Time to Modernize the Way We Do Business

Other industries have changed to fit the times. Ours has not. At Vibe Consulting, we work to help transform your business into a leaner, more efficient version of itself.

Vibe can help you:

  • Becoming a category leader

You’ve worked hard to develop and grow your company and you know there’s more growth yet to come. With Vibe, you add decades of experience to your business expertise. We know the challenges, we know the industry, and we know the problems you face.

Let’s face them together!