You are a new business. You love your product and believe you are bringing something new to the market. The question then becomes “How do I get my merchandise to my end consumer?” There are 3 ways to go. You can wholesale your product to stores and have them sell to customers, you can sell direct yourself, or you can do both. Here are 6 ways to get your product to market.


  1. Websites – Since the launch of the Internet having a website that consumers can shop and buy from has made selling product easier than ever. You can even go on sites like Shopify and use their templates to develop your online store and sell through the Shopify program.
  2. Apps – This is the fastest growing direct to consumer platform at this time. With smart phones widely used you can develop an app that people can go to directly and buy. And lots of people are buying that way.
  3. Wholesale – This is where you sell your line to stores or other website companies who in turn sell your product to their customers. This gives you the ability to reach a very wide market and take advantage of the audience these companies have.
  4. Trunk Shows/Events /In home parties – Taking your samples directly to customers and then taking orders is a very safe way to build your business. You do not have any websites, apps, or wholesale costs nor do you have to carry inventory. Of course you are limited by the number of people who are at the event but your ability to keep your margins high makes this a very attractive way to sell your product.
  5. Fairs – There are a number of fairs around the country where you can rent a booth and show your product to customers that love attending fairs. If your product is especially visual you can attract a lot of shoppers this way. The amount of business you can do here isn’t huge, however it is a good way to test your product.
  6. Retail Stores – Of course you can open up your own stores. This way you can present your product exactly the way you believe it should be presented and put your store where you think your customers shop. Many famous brands do this in order to increase brand recognition and brand consistency.

There are pros and cons to each. Your financial situation and your marketing strategies need to be considered. Research each method thoroughly before making any decisions. After you make your decision put together a comprehensive, executable marketing plan to ensure your success.

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