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July 6, 2015
Maria Pesin

I love quotes.  They are little nuggets of wisdom.  Here are 10 quotes by successful fashion designers.

  1. “Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”  – Sarah Blakley of Spanx
  2. “Life-fulfilling work is never about the money – when you feel true passion for something, you instinctively find ways to nurture it.” – Eileen Fisher
  3. “If you try to create something people enjoy, and it happens to be made in a responsible way, then that’s when you can really strike an incredible balance.” – Stella McCartney
  4. “When you are having fun and creating something you love, it shows in the product. So when a woman is sifting through a rack of clothes, somehow that piece of clothing that you had so much fun designing speaks to her; she responds to it and buys it. I believe you can actually transfer that energy to material things as you’re creating them.” – Tom Ford
  5. “The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that fashion is this tightrope where you have to be consistent but inconsistent. You need the connective thread but at the same time you need a sense of surprise.”  – Michael Kors
  6. “My advice is you need to have a vision. Be confident. Or act as if you are confident as a way to get people to believe in you. Then repetition is reputation. Keep growing, keep changing, but always remain true to yourself and your vision.” – Calvin Klein
  7. “Simplicity and sexiness, that’s what people want, at a price that’s not outrageous.” -Diane von Furstenberg’
  8. “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” – Giorgio Armani
  9. “It’s very important for a brand to have an identity through the years, but it’s very important as well to evolve because times change so fast.” – Donatella Versace
  10. “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” – Ralph Lauren


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