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Sales is the lifeblood of our industry.  No order… no income…no business.  You work hard to create a fabulous line, your prices are right, you sent emails announcing the opening of the collection.  And maybe did a trade show or two.  Many stores saw the collection and told you they liked the line.  Yet many accounts did not place an order.
The following are 10 of the reasons why you didn’t get the order.

  1. You didn’t give them a reason why your brand is better than the competition.  They already own enough product like yours so you have to stand out from the pack.
  2. You did all the talking.  One of the biggest orders I ever took happened because I spent my time listening to the buyer and found out a need she had that wasn’t being filled.  So, I filled it.
  3. You didn’t build trust.  The buyer felt the sale was all about you and you didn’t care about her needs.
  4. They ran out of open to buy.  Sometimes it has nothing to do with you, they are just bought up.
  5. You didn’t do your research.  Buyers appreciate when you know their store and who the customer is.  The you’re clueless they don’t feel a connection to you.
  6. You don’t know your product well.  If you aren’t knowledgeable about the fit, fabric, quality, etc., then your buyer won’t feel confident about buying the line.
  7. They aren’t the decision maker.  If you aren’t meeting the person who signs the order then chances are pretty sure that you aren’t getting the order.
  8. You haven’t contacted the right store for your line.  I once had a client who insisted on selling Barney’s,  yet his product was more for JC Penny’s.  What a waste of time.
  9. You were too pushy.  No one likes an obnoxious sales person.
  10. You didn’t ask for the order.  People get busy and they sometimes they forget.  Always ask for the order.

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