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Nov 28

Why a Lonely Website is Inexcusable For a Fashion Brand

By Maria Pesin | Business , Sales , Vibe Consulting

When the internet first came out you could pretty pretty much sit on your hands, and people would find you.

But that’s not the case anymore.

Nowadays, there are so many websites that yours can easily get lost in the noise.

One of the problems I consistently see with new entrepreneurs is that they put up a good website and do nothing to get the word out. They believe people will find them because their idea is good or their product is great. It’s a kind of magical thinking that produces nothing.

You see, it just doesn’t happen.

That’s where marketing and advertising come in; if you aren’t going out of your way to get yourself in front of an initial target audience, you’re going to lose out. That gorgeous site you invested time and money in is going to sit in the dusty back corner of the Internet gathering furballs and cobwebs.

Why does this happen? Many times it is because new entrepreneurs don’t know what to do. They know they should do something but aren’t sure how to approach it. Or they do something but not consistently enough to make a difference.

Often new entrepreneurs are reluctant to invest much money in marketing.

Most business start ups have limited funds. There are lots of things they need to spend money on and marketing doesn’t always seem like a must.

However, you have to remember that without sales you have no business. So marketing isn’t a maybe down the road expense but rather an investment in your business. The more effort in terms of time and resources put into it that you invest, the better your sales will be.

If you don’t put an ample amount of money into your marketing plan, it isn’t going to work. That doesn’t mean you have to go crazy, but it does mean you should earmark funds from your budget for this function. Selling directly to your customers on your website is a terrific way to build brand loyalty and create a customer base. The margins are pretty great too.

It can be frustrating to work so hard getting your business ready and your website live only to get no sales, so make sure you market your efforts intelligently and watch the sales roll in.

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Nov 18

How Consistently Should I Be Releasing New Products?

By Maria Pesin | Business , Fashion , Vibe Consulting

There’s nothing like good old reality to teach you important lessons.

That’s why I like to write about things that come up with my clients.

Lately two separate fashion clients of mine have asked, “how often should a brand have a new collection?” And it’s a great question. After all, the biggest expense (investment) you make is most probably designing and producing your products.

And the urge to save money can be very powerful.

I have clients who design a line and produce it, and then wait to sell out before they start their next collection.

The problem is that there is no continuity.

You know what happens?

Their customers forget about them during the gaps. Months can go by without having anything to sell and without being able to stay on the top of their customers’ minds.

Every time they launch a new season, they’re basically starting from scratch.

Even worse, most sales reps won’t take on their lines because they really don’t start making money till the later seasons. A good sales rep is there to make money. They need to know that there is going to be a sustained, profitable business behind your brand. Otherwise, it just isn’t worth it for them.

Which leads us back to the question.

How often should you be releasing new products?

The answer is at least twice a year.

With the advent of the internet having your own website is an extremely important part of your own fashion business. Done correctly it operates as your own store, and when you have your own store you endeavor to keep your customers coming in or in the case of a website coming to your site as often as possible.

Ideally, you should release a new product every month.

This will build your consumer loyalty.

When selling wholesale you also want to have your accounts come to see you at least twice a year. However, you should also be showing several different deliveries per collection.

This way you are always introducing something new.

Your goal is to train your customers to shop your line on a regular basis.

Not only will you create brand loyalty, but you’ll also increase sales.