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Online merchandising is about how you present your products, both individually and collectively. It’s also about how you promote products and other offers. Some aspects of merchandising are about the products themselves. Much of merchandising is about how products are presented. Considering that fashion is a very visual experience, making sure the look of your website is appealing is very important.
So what are 5 things you should consider.
1. Make sure your home page is compelling.  Your home page should have photos or a photo that tell the customer what you are about, but also inspires them to look further.  Make sure there is clarity and the consumer understands what they are looking at and where to go next.
2. Use high resolution photographs.  Your product photos are your no 1 asset. Make them clear, uncluttered, and high-res. The item should be enhanced by the photo so that you can see details and texture.
3. Have your photos professionally shot by a fashion photographer.  A fashion photographer understands how to make a product look great.  They understand trends, and have experience working with models and stylists.   They know how to use lighting to enhance an image.  A fashion photographer will also properly stage an item so that it looks its best.
4. Use models whenever possible.  Showing a garment on the body enhances its look and makes it more interesting to the shopper.  Use experienced models that know how to move in a way that makes a piece look fabulous.
5. Show different angles of your product.  When buying a handbag don’t you want to know how many pockets it has on the inside?  Isn’t it helpful to see the back of a jacket?  When spending money on a site the more information a customer has about the style the easier it will be to close the sale.  So show as many angles as possible of the piece.

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