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May 10, 2018
Maria Pesin

One of the big concerns for my clients has been building traffic to their website.  Either they are just starting out or do not know where to begin.  There are many reasons for that.  Usually it is because there isn’t a consistent and compelling strategy.  The following ideas will help grow you traffic.

  1. Work on your SEO – I work with a digital marketing person who isn’t a big believer in putting to much effort into SEO.  However I disagree.  According to market expert, Sujan Patel “The top 6 search engines were responsible for 34.8% of site visits, compared to 25.6% for the top 13 social networks”.  There is no doubt about it that most people do searches to find products and services.  If you don’t rank highly then you won’t be seen.
  2. Advertise –  Of course this one is pretty obvious but you would be amazed at how many people don’t do it. Paid search and social media advertising are all great ways of attracting visitors.
  3. Social Media Marketing – Placing great content on social media platforms will increase your audience and if you have a good following you can then you can promote your product as well on several sites such as: Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.
  4. Influencers –  These are people who have followers as little as 1,000 and as many as a million.  When you get influencers to wear your clothes or write about you on their blog (depending on how wide their audience is and how engaged they are) will find you pops of people clicking to your site.
  5. Tell a story –  Telling a compelling story about your brand will hook people in and motivate them to come to your site.  It is an important part of any marketing strategy and where you will create an emotional connection with your brand.  My client “Rhino Flops” has a wonderful story.  The designer and founder is from South Africa and is very involved with the Thula Thula Rhino Fund.  As an ex-fashion buyer from Henri Bendel she wanted to start a sustainable brand of very creative animal inspired flip flops that also raised money so that a portion of her profits went towards the Rhino Fund.  She has launched her brand and is already building her audience.  What is your story?

Remember a combination of different strategies that are focused consistent and often that will form a synergy to that will drive traffic.

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