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October 23, 2019
Maria Pesin

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Athleisure is defined as “Casual comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.” Athleisure has made its way into mainstream fashion through the years. In the past, people wore suits, gloves, hats, and dresses to go out and active wear was just not a suitable choice for evening wear. However, now with the rise of Athleisure celebrities and everyday people alike are taking part in this trend wearing tracksuits and athletic apparel. It allows you to look good and be comfortable at the same time. Sportswear is becoming more mainstream into the high fashion world. It is set to become an $83 billion market by 2020.
The Brand that Started it All:
Lululemon is a pioneer in the Athleisure trend. First launching in 1998, their goal was to make workout wear for women that not only had technical support but was also aesthetically pleasing with a focus on mindfulness. They started off as a design studio by day in Vancouver and a yoga studio at night, eventually growing their brand in 2000. Since then, many celebrities have endorsed their brand and they have stores spread across the country.
Just recently, Lulelemon announced a new partnership with a high fashion brand. They are partnering with high fashion brand Roksanda for a limited edition collection launching on October 22, 2019 with another collection launching in January 2020. They are combining LuluLemon’s classic silhouettes with Roksandas classic color story. This is a huge leap for the Athleisure craze. Lulelemon has cemented itself as household name in the fashion industry.
New Brand on the Scene: All Day Alba
My client, All Day Alba is an up and coming Athleisure brand. Two women founded this brand and their clothes focus on the female form. They are based out of Israel and their goal is to make women look and feel empowered with a sense of community. “We believe that ‘good queens fix each other’s crowns’ and that there is nothing more beautiful than women empowering each other. We are all super women!, so let’s create a positive environment where we can all stay empowered, together.” They design Active Couture and Active Ready garments. Look out for them and check out their website here: https://alldayalba.com/
See below for some of their Fall 2019 looks:

All Day Alba Fall 2019 Collection

(Seen Above) Carry the Day Jacket- Take this jacket into day or night.

All Day Alba Fall 2019 Collection

(Seen Above, From Left) Handsfree Belt Bag, Sports Bra and Structured Skirt
Athleisure Trade Shows:
Trade shows are a great way for your brand to be seen. There are special trade shows just for Athleisure in the industry now. One show is the Active Collective Show. This is “a business-to-business trade show featuring a juried collection of more than 150 brands showcasing a wide range of products from the fitness fashion marketplace including active performance wear, active fashion, athleisure, accessories and footwear. Athleisure is more than just a trend it is a lifestyle.
Personally, I think Athleisure is an impactful trend in the fashion industry. Growing up, women couldn’t even wear pants to school and skirts were mainstream. Times have sure changed for the better. Women want to be comfortable and feel empowered. The days of poodle skirts and tights you can’t breathe in are lessening. Fashion changes with the times. Athleisure has changed the conventional elements of the fashion industry. What you would wear to a workout studio or a jog, you can now wear as everyday wear. This is a classic example of keeping up with your target customer and how trends evolve through the years.
The Fashion Industry is always evolving and Athleisure is a recent trend that has emerged through the years. Consider using this for inspiration in your future collections. As always though, make sure you bring something new to the table and don’t copy what another brand has done. I can’t stress this enough because you want to be on trend but not lost in the trends. Lulelemon started out in Vancouver and now they are a global phenomenon. Lulelemon is a pioneer and has allowed other Athleisure brands to come on the scene like All Day Alba. This is a trend to watch and will continue to evolve through the coming years.

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