May 3, 2019
Maria Pesin

Coaching sales people is very different from managing them or training them.  With training you are using instruction and teaching to make your sales people proficient in selling.  In managing them you are directing and controlling their actions.  However with coaching you are helping employees become more effective — and supporting and involving your employees in the process.
Coaching in tandem with training is the most effective way to get the best performance from your people.  Training teaches them, which is important, but coaching them gives them guidance and engages them in the process of becoming the best that they can be.  According to Mary Massad – the director of HR product development for Administaff   “Coaching that works consists of constructive, consistent feedback aimed at increasing awareness and resulting in improved performance.”  To achieve success, a sales person needs: – Advanced Selling Skills and Inner Resources.  Knowing how to sell is not enough.  Success comes from within. The salesperson needs to: build the internal resources to succeed; eliminate the roadblocks to success; eliminate procrastination, fear, guilt, stress and replace them with confidence and resourcefulness. This is how you should be coaching salespeople
When you train people you motivate and educate for a time.  But after time passes most individuals lose momentum.  By coaching them on a regular basis you keep the motivation high and have consistent improvement.  By engaging them in the process they also will try harder to excel in sales.   Coaching helps create competent employees who are more likely to be productive and put in their best efforts because they are challenged (not commanded) to do so.
Compensation for sales people is crucial.  However it is not always enough.  By offering coaching and personal development to your people you also increase your retention rate.  Smart, ambitious people will see the value in working for a company that encourages them to be their best.   Coaching your salespeople is a surefire way to increase productivity which will then increase sales and profitability for your business.

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