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September 28, 2018
Maria Pesin

Tip number eight – Make sure you messaging is consistent across all channels.  Have you ever seen a TV ad and you knew who the company was even before you saw the logo?  Or saw a store and started singing the jingle in your mind? That is due to their unrelenting efforts to stay true to their brand message.
The purpose of branding is to foster an emotional connection between the consumer and your company. People like to do business with brands that they feel good about. Creating the right brand message helps to define your brand and  the content you use for marketing, PR, social media, advertising.
These days successful fashion companies know that their success is linked to branding.  Whether  you’re a marketer or business owner you need to recognize that being consistent in messaging  is an integral part of creating brand recognition. This includes but not limited to the slogan you have on your banner or email headers.   It also includes the colors you use, the font you write with and the platforms you appear on.  It is who you are as a brand?
The first step in branding is to figure out what your USP (unique selling proposition).  Once you know that you can create your message or story
Every thing you do for marketing comes from your core messaging.  If you message is strong it will resonate with your customer.
According to: Natalie Weaving – Content Marketing Specialist & TFG Director, “A website is usually the largest marketing project that a business undertakes. Therefore it is crucial to get it right. The look, tone, and information have to be relevant to entice your audience to want to know more and keep them coming back. Getting people to find your website is not an overnight job. It is a long-term, on-going commitment to your digital presence”.
Spend time on creating your messaging and make sure it is powerful.

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