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October 5, 2018
Maria Pesin

Fashion business start up — tip number nine, treat your employees like gold.
I try to write about things that come up in my day to day consulting with fashion business owners.
Well, last night (at 10pm) a client called me to ask what to do about an employee who was very rude to her.  The employee was causing her a lot of stress.  After a discussion with my client I learned that the owner was always late paying her and owed her money.  The owner thought she was rude because the employee kept asking her for money and she was getting disrespectful about it. This owner was a bit out of touch.
I doubt that anyone is that bad to their employees.  But, the truth is I have seen clients who really do take advantage of their employees. For ex:  expecting them to be available 24/7, being nasty to them,  or reducing salaries to name a few.
Considering employees are the face of your businesses it is not a smart thing to do.  Treating your employees well will go a long way in creating raving fans for your business.  The employees will be excited to work with you and will talk your company up.  When employees are happy they go the extra mile for you.  Bottom line is, it is the right thing to do.
Satisfied employees learn from the people at the top.  They emulate the behaviors they see.  There is nothing worse than a grumpy employee that bad mouths the owners.  When employees feel appreciated it translates into a better worker who will be more likely to keep great customer relationships. Happy employees are confident in their performance and know they have your trust, and do not need to be micromanaged. Additionally by giving them some autonomy you will find them increasing their abilities to make good choices which in turn will elevate their performance.
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