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July 13, 2018
Maria Pesin

I have decided to blog once a week with business tips for fashion start up businesses.  Each week I will go into depth on a specific idea that a fashion entrepreneur should consider using as a strategy in their business.
Tip #1 –  Networking
I believe it isn’t necessarily who you know but who you meet.  When I first started in the business I didn’t know anyone.  But as time went on I met many people and now have a killer rolodex.
What are the benefits of networking?
Meeting new people in the industry and developing relationships with them will increase the exposure to your business.  Contacts can get you referrals that can grow your business.  Perhaps they can introduce you to a buyer that you have been dying to meet.  Or maybe tell you of a great factory that you should contact.   Speaking with like-minded business owners also gives you the opportunity to get advice from them when challenges arise.
How do you go about networking?
These days there are many opportunities to meet people.  Go on LinkedIn and Facebook to join groups that are focused on our industry.
For example:

Fashion & Lifestyle Industry Professionals Worldwide

274,288 members

Reach out to people you would like to know on LinkedIn and ask them to connect with you.  There are industry groups and events you can join and go to in order to meet different people in our field.  MeetUp is another networking site you can use to join groups that have similar interest to you.
For example:
Last thoughts
Keep in mind that networking isn’t a one way street.  It is not just what they can do for you but also what can you do for them.  Take them out to lunch.  Send them articles you think they might be interested. Help them with issues they might have.  For networking to really work it has to be beneficial for both.

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