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August 28, 2018
Maria Pesin

Tip number 6 – Create a brand for your company.  Whatever your business is, from shoes to lingerie, you must work consistently and often on branding.  These days branding is of the upmost importance. Customers want to have an emotional connection to the brands they like.
Branding means that everything you do from developing your logo to customer service is in alignment with your brand DNA,  There is a reason why this works.
Think McDonalds…wherever you are in the world you can expect McDonalds will have the same look and feel and food as the one in your neighborhood.  You know what to expect.  That is the same with your brand.  Loyal customers know what to expect and therefore are comfortable buying again and again.
Ultimately having a powerful brand strategy will create sales and revenue for your business.  If your branding is good your results will be  good and your profits will soar.
So what do you need to do in order to build your brand?

  • You must know your customer inside and out.  Everything you do from design to marketing depends from this.
  • Make sure your product fits the needs and wants of your target customer.
  • Design your logo, packaging, hangtags so that it all works together and fits the ascetic of your brand
  • Your website is your calling card so put the effort into making it user friendly and engaging.
  • Marketing your brand takes into account who your customer is so you can direct the marketing efforts to wherever your customer is spending their time
  • Create a brand experience that will be so compelling that your target customer becomes a customer for life
  • Establish your brand story this is the hook that will engage your end consumer
  • Market your brand frequently and with a point of view so your market finds you.

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