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You know that feeling when you dress up for an important business meeting, a wedding, a first date? You put on that dress and heels, or a sports coat and shined-up shoes, and feel like a million bucks. Don’t you think, “I wish I could dress like this every day?”
We spend a majority of our lives in casual clothes. Sure, we dress nice for our jobs in some career industries or for fancy parties a few times a year. But most people spend their childhood, teen years, retired years, free time, and lately at work in jeans or leggings with a t-shirt or a basic sweatshirt. Do you ever get bored of not being able to dress up whenever you feel like it? If you want to dress up to go to movies, you shouldn’t feel out of place or uncomfortable. I believe people are getting bored with dressing too casually.
It’s the social norm to dress casually unless you’re attending an event that requires you to do otherwise. No one wants to be the person that’s wearing heels to go to the grocery store that everyone else gives side eye (and not in a good way). But why can’t I dress up to run errands? If it makes me feel confident and makes my day better by dressing up, I should be able to do so without getting odd looks.
It’s a popular opinion that dressing up makes us feel more attractive, more powerful and more courageous. A man wearing a brand-new suit and tie is more likely to have the self-esteem to ask out a woman than a man wearing cargo shorts and a football jersey because he takes pride in his appearance that allows him to “dress for success.”
Its time to change the routine. Its time to breakout those clothes that are only meant for “special occasions.” Make every day a special occasion.
I believe we are going to see customers start dressing up more.  If the runways are any indication wearing more polished clothes are in our future.  It definitely is time to move on from the dressed down every day to the more put together that we used to wear.

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  1. I hope so!! I own a boutique full of fun clothes and accessories, a hair salon, make-up studio and wig center. I find the grunge look insulting and wonder why people want to look like that! In business, I choose to deal with people who look like they care and are good at what they do. Usually if they look unkept, they will do business with you the same way. Looking great doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Many Americans have let themselves go to the point of slobiness. Even if you are not a size 2, there are options to look appropriate when you leave your house. If you look good….you feel better. I hope the fashion industry WILL start producing less sloppy looks as the norm. I’d rather be overdressed any day. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. No matter what your age….it’s never wrong to look nice!!!

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