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April 16, 2015
Maria Pesin

According to The Economic Times: “Place in the marketing mix refers to the channel, or the route, through which goods move from the source to the final user. Place could be the intermediaries, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.”  To determine which distribution method is used, the company must understand the needs of the consumer and determine which avenue provides the best ability to put the product or service in front of the potential buyer. Below we take a look at the main channels we commonly see in the marketplace for sales to customer:
Retail Stores – This is a tried and true method.  Selling to stores or having your own store is a great way to get your merchandise out there.  People love to shop and use it as a form of entertainment.  So even though retail stores are not growing as they had in the past it is still a major source for sales.  Having people see, touch, and try on all at once is a big advantage.
On Line/Mobile Devices – We all know these are the fastest growing channels of distribution.  Customers love the ease of shopping from home or frankly any where they are.  It is a very modern way of selling.
Fairs – Many new designers like to sell here.  It is inexpensive to rent a booth and if the fair is well attended you can get great exposure and sell product.
Direct Sales/In Home Parties – This is a form of selling that has been done for many years.  With companies like Avon, MaryKay, and Tupperware it is the only way.  While not many fashion companies do this, I believe if done right you can be very successful.
Catalogs – This is a very expensive way to sell your product.  However since less and less companies are doing it you can really stand out.
Whether retail or business-to-consumer, choosing the right distribution method to complement your product can be a boon to your bottom line.

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