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March 3, 2015
Maria Pesin

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This is going to sound really simplistic but the number one way to grow your business quickly is to spend most of your time on sales.  As a business owner I know how easy it is to get bogged down in the minutia of running your business.  Answering emails, working on your product, developing your website and so on.  These are important tasks no doubt.  But, nothing is more important than sales.  If you don’t have sales you don’t have a business.
I work with many entrepreneurs.   They are passionate and excited about their companies.  They work hard on developing their product, which they should.  But many work on their product to the exclusion of marketing and selling.   The most successful business people I know are the ones  that put daily consistent effort into building their sales.   The least successful, are the ones that let days go by without doing anything to move the needle forward.
In Siimon Reynolds article for Forbes “The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business”, Mr. Reynolds suggests that if you are running a new business you should devote at least 80% of your day to sales and if you’re an established business you should spend at least 30% of your day on the sales process or connecting with customers.
Now you might have sales staff working for you so you think you are covered.  Well, actually, no.  Salespeople find it just as easy to get distracted as business owners.  It looks like they are working hard all day and they themselves feel like they are working hard.  But many times it is busy work and does nothing to build sales.  I have a good friend Linda that built an $80 million knit business in 5 years.  She was so focused on sales that she took all her paperwork  home so that the time she spent at the office was dedicated to sales and sales management.  If your salespeople are doing paperwork they are not selling.  Hire an assistant for them  so that they can stay focused on what you hired them for…selling!
As owners we also need to be the face of the company.  Spending time with your sales peoples accounts can only help increase sales.  When you are there opportunities come up that may have not have been noticed otherwise.  You also are building relationships with the buyers.  We all know that relationships are the foundation of the selling process.
“I’m a hustler, baby; I sell water to a well!”
― Jay-Z
Are you a hustler?  Are you alway out there getting in front of customers?  Maximize the time you spend on sales and you will quickly build your business.

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