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Recently I was asked by a potential client how long would it take a marketing strategy to create buzz for their fashion collection.  Well, that is almost impossible to answer.  It depends on your product and what you do to promote it.  Of course you need to have a good salable line.  Just because you have advertising and pr in place doesn’t mean you will build a successful brand.  I can tell you that in the beginning your efforts will seem exhaustive with little results.  Brand building takes time because you often have to change the prospect’s mind about an old brand and get them to change an existing behavior.
“Market research continuously proves the obvious: a person needs to know you, your reputation, and your product or service before he/she is willing to make a purchase. Building visibility, familiarity and a positive reputation takes time and a series of memorable contacts. How many contacts (or “touches”) it takes depends on many factors, such as price, complexity of product, “need vs. want,” competition, etc. But the truth is, the sales process is exactly that – a process,” according to Dennis Payne | Editor-in-Chief of CityRoom.com.
I often read about Actors and Actresses who are considered overnight successes.  When asked by press of their meteoric rise to the top the actor usually chuckles and says: yeah, but what you don’t see is the 5 years I spent going on auditions with no results.  The truth is there are rarely overnight success.
Creating buzz for your fashion collection requires a series of activities done repeatedly and consistently over time till you reach a momentum.  Then once the momentum is reached it seems that all of a sudden people know you.  Always remember first things first.  Create a great product that is unique,  cultivate great customer service, and give great value.  When combining that with your sales and marketing plan you will ultimately create buzz for your fashion brand.

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