How To Get Quality Sales Reps For Your Fashion Business

By Maria Pesin | Business

One of the biggest issues facing fashion brands today is sales!  Or lack there of.    Most fashion entrepreneurs are creative but do not have the skill set to sell. That is why hiring good quality sales reps is an excellent solution.  The fact that you don’t need to keep them on payroll and only pay them commission on what is shipped from orders they take makes cash flow and overhead easier to manage.  Most new brands that come to me ask about hiring reps and ask me to help them with the process.

However, finding a good sales rep is not so easy.  Managing them and making sure they are successful with your product is even more of a challenge.  Especially if your are a new brand.  Seasoned sales reps know from experience that many young companies have lots of obstacles to overcome on the way to being a successful and well run business.  Business owners confront production, quality control, fit, and financial issues that cause them not to ship the orders the sales reps take.  The more that you know on how to court these reps the more likely it is for you to find the right match for your company.

That’s why in a few days I’m  will be holding a webinar titled “How to get quality sales reps for your fashion business”

 I’d like to invite you to attend. I want to educate you so that when you start the process you have a better chance of success.We will get into the nitty gritty of the process and what you should be doing.  You will also get to ask questions.  It is on June 20 at 7pm.  If you want to increase your sales be there!

When you click this link you can see the details — and it’s free so what do you have to lose?


About the Author

Maria Pesin knows fashion, especially the business side of the fashion industry. Do you know how Manolo Blahnik got his start in the industry? How he leveraged a paltry 3 grand into one of the world’s most famous luxury brands? While she doesn’t take credit for Manolo’s success, Maria has walked a similar path on numerous occasions. The world of fashion is not silicon valley, and it has nothing to do with Madison Avenue marketing. In this industry there is ALWAYS room for something new and exciting, but you have to have your ducks in a row. If that’s what you need, believe me, Maria is the General Patton of fashion ducks!