March 25, 2019
Maria Pesin
325 W 38th St rm 1602NY, NY. 10018


Developing and producing fashion products is a complex and risky process.
Just like a puzzle, it involves many different steps and parts that must come together perfectly in order for your business to stand out and flourish.
Yet, having the right partners and supply chain that you can count on to address the specific needs of your fashion brand is hard to find.
HUMAN B was founded to address that. We make development and production easy!
Our mission is to provide small to medium-sized fashion brands with a peace of mind from product development and production worries so they can focus on building and growing their fashion brand.
We are a full service design, development and manufacturing agency with over 20 years of expertise in product development and global sourcing.


  • Fashion Product consulting
  • Design
  • Sourcing
  • Development
  • Production

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