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Improving your time management skills will make big improvements  to the growth of your business.  It is the difference in being productive and not.
Remember the 20/80 rule. Which means 20% of your activities brings in 80% of your results? Using this rule when planning your activities will aid you in growing your business.
Let’s face it.  There is busy work that makes you feel productive and there is work that moves the needle forward.  So first things first.  Identify the activities that make a difference to your business.  Then schedule them into your day.  For example,  I was taking a video course that required about 40 hours.  What I learned from this course would aid me in the marketing of my brand as well as my clients.  However because it took so much time I procrastinated doing it.  Finally I chunked it down and scheduled into my work days one hour to devote to watching the videos.  Within a couple of months I completed it.  So my first tip is planning the activities that grow your business and schedule it every day.
Learn to delegate.  There are things I am not good at and hate doing.  For example:  I hate bookkeeping.  So rather than forcing myself to do something I hate and am not good at I found myself a bookkeeper that works for me one day a week to keep my books in order.  I’m also not really good at power point presentations.  It takes me forever to cut and paste.  So I have a virtual assistant that does this for me.  This creates space for me to work on client acquisition which is much more important for me to do myself.
Finally tip number three.  Sometimes good enough is good enough.  Everything you do can be improved even if you did a really good job.  However trying to achieve perfection is not realistic.  You need to decide when what you are working on is good enough or if you spending too much time on it and need to pull the trigger.  I have to say I am pretty good at this.  My goal is to finish things quickly so when I feel a project is completed to my satisfaction I stop.  Could I do more probably but does working more on it make it better enough to do more work probably not?  That is why I am very direct in what I do and don’t add to much fluff.
By improving these three areas you will see your business grow!  And isn’t that what productivity is all about?

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