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November 25, 2015
Maria Pesin

My poor niece has to work on Thanksgiving because her store is open that day.  What happened to having one day where everyone is closed and no one is worrying about sales?  Is Black Friday turning into Black Thanksgiving?  Personally I am tired of it.  I work 7 days a week.  Which honestly I don’t mind because I love my work.  But, there has to be limits.  Can’t we take off one day a year.  Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving in this country.  For some, me included, it is their favorite holiday.  In fact I’m not even going to look at any emails.
Thankfully some stores are keeping the Thanksgiving tradition of closing their stores.
DSW issued a statement: “While many retail stores will be opening for business on Thanksgiving Day, this year we continue the DSW tradition of keeping ours closed. Family time is extremely important to us, and we want our associates to enjoy the holiday with their loved ones. Our stores will remain closed until 7 a.m. on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.”
Dillard’s, In a post on the department store’s Facebook page, the company said “We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving! We will be closed on turkey day, but we open 2 hours early on Black Friday at 8 a.m. … From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.”
“We believe strongly that our customers and associates should have the opportunity to spend the Thanksgiving holiday relaxing with family and friends, and not worrying with the stress of where to find the best shopping deals. We know this is in stark contrast to what many other retailers are doing, but we are taking a stance to protect family time during this important holiday,” said Mike Buskey, executive vice president and president of Gamestop U.S. Stores. “For our customers who want to do a little shopping on Thanksgiving Day, www.gamestop.com and www.thinkgeek.com will be open all day and taking orders.”
So from my family to yours “Happy Thanksgiving” and take the whole day off :0).

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