May 13, 2016
Maria Pesin

Is Your Website Too Confusing!  Can someone come to your site and know exactly who you are and what your product is? Do they know where to look? Where to click? What to do? Visual clutter and poor navigation are some of the most serious issues a designer can present to an audience. Not only is the user unlikely to achieve the desired goals (because it’s hidden in the clutter and poor usability), chances are they’ll just leave out of frustration before they do anything.
Yale researchers in partnership with Stanford and University of Michigan scholars, wanted to find out if people were more likely to spend money in response to complicated descriptions or simple ones. As you would guess, the simple options won. If consumers felt that an option was simple or easy, it made them more likely to spend their money.
Your website must have a message so make it very clear to your visitors.  Your customers should not have to guess what it is.   It’s easy to get caught up in adding all kinds of new features and building fancy websites, but sometimes too many bells and whistles can produce a jumbled message to visitors that produces confusion.
One of the biggest error I see fashion brands make is trying to be everything to everyone.  This is true in their collections as well as their websites.  Clarity and focus will go a long way in building your brand experience.  Decide what your brand stands for and make it obvious in your website.
Some websites sacrifice usability for beauty and are difficult to navigate.  The challenge a website designer faces is finding a balance between creating a beautiful site that will attract visitors and one that a customer will easily get them all of the information they came to find.
Creating a stream of business from your website is very profitable so don’t leave the development to chance.  Carefully develop and communicate your concept in a clear manner on your website with clear instructions on where to click to next.

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