December 31, 2019
Maria Pesin
Today officially marks the last day of 2019. We’re about to embark on a new decade full of promise and potential. New Year’s is a time of new beginnings and new aspirations. It is a time of reflection and contemplation. You might ask yourself, “Did I reach my goals this year? Are sales where I wanted them to be? Did I make the money I wanted to?” Whether your answer is yes or no to these questions, there is always room for growth and change in any business. I am constantly evolving my own business.
It is really easy to make a New Year’s goal but the follow through is the difficult part. I know, I am guilty of it too but that is why it is very important to make sure you keep up with your goals. Don’t just make your goals a well-intentioned thought, make them a reality. I have broken down some points today to give you the components for making a goal, whether it is a personal goal or business goal and turning that goal into a reality.
1) Goals without an action plan are not enough:
You can say I am going to achieve x, y, and z in the coming year, but without an action plan; it is hard to actually follow through on these goals. Give yourself accountability, maybe check in with a colleague and have specific dates you want to achieve said goals by. Goals without a plan are just thoughts, that is why it is very important to have a plan set up. You want to lay the foundational elements down for your business and set this year up on a high note.
2) Work/life balance:
It is very important to have a work/life balance. You don’t want your life to be fully consumed with work; you want there to be time for family and friends as well. Life is a tricky thing and one thing you can’t get back is time. You know that old saying; “time is of the essence” it is true. Having enough energy and work/life balance will make all of the difference when growing or starting your business and achieving your goals.
3) Have Confidence in Yourself and the Process:
Success takes time it is not an overnight thing. There will be good days and bad days, but always have thick skin and stay confident. Stick with your goals and you will be amazed of the possibilities.
4) Break it down into tasks you can do into months that follow:
When you say you are going to do too many things at once, most of the time this results in nothing getting done. Break your goals down into specific tasks over a period of a few months. This will make all of the difference because it can be overwhelming if you are trying to achieve too much at once.
5) Make Your Goals Front and center:
Look at your goals every day. You don’t want to forget about them; they should always be on your mind. You don’t want it to come June and say I didn’t do anything for my goals. You want to make progress and be proactive when achieving your goals. You don’t want to slow the process; you want to ignite the process.
6) Make them exciting something that inspires you:
When you have a passion for something this gives you energy and drive. Here is an extreme example, but saying “I’m going to make a million dollars this year,” versus saying “I hope that I have $500 dollars in the bank” is an example of having a passionate goal versus a lagging goal. It is important to have a goal that ignites your passion. It is also equally important stick with your goal otherwise it is not a good goal
7) Recess at the end of the month to see how you did and how you can  improve upon it:
See how you did on your goals at the end of the month. Were the results negative or positive? See if you need to improve upon your goals and if actions worked or didn’t work. Then see what you should change and what you should keep doing.
 These are some of the tools for success in the coming year.
This New Year Season take risks, grow your business, and find the pleasures in life. Whether you are a bigger business or a smaller business, take this time to reflect on what went well for your business this year and what you would like to work on.  Many industry tycoons started with a dream and a few goals and transformed their company into an empire worth millions of dollars and inspired others. I am pleased to announce in 2020, I will be releasing a course where I will take you step by step in how to transform your business into a million dollar business, stay tuned! With tenacity and drive anything is possible.
Happy New Year 2020 Everyone!

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