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September 28, 2015
Maria Pesin

Success begins with a state of mind,  so if you want to be successful start thinking of yourself as successful.  The fashion industry is tough to break into and tough to grow and maintain a profitable business in.  But if you don’t believe in yourself and your product it is almost impossible.  I speak with business consultants all the time.  Sometimes they’re incredulous by how blinded owners are by their companies potential.  They complain that designers all think they are “the best thing since sliced bread”.  Well designers should believe it, that’s their job.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t open to ideas on how to improve and make sure their product is the best it can be. You must back up your success mindset with a collection that has all the components for preforming well.   It just means owners believe in what they doing.
Visualization is a very powerful tool to help you create a feeling of success.  Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams and goals come true. Used in the right way, creative visualization can improve your life and attract to you success and prosperity. Thoughts that have become imprinted as beliefs are part of the subconscious programming.  So by programming your mind for success through visualization you very often create the success you desire.
When you start your fashion brand and while running it you must continually sell everyone on your vision.  This includes your sales people, mills, factories, bankers, and staff.  People will go all out for a company they believe has potential.  In order to sell you need to believe that you are successful at what you are creating.  Without a positive mindset, anyone charged with selling goods is doomed from the beginning. This especially important for small business owners to know.
One of the most common trait among highly successful entrepreneurs is true confidence.  Successful business owners are confident, not arrogant. Confident leaders lead through values and vision.

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  1. Maria, you are right on The Money when it comes to “Creative Visualization”. It does work when conscientiously developed and properly applied in real life environments be it business, sports or any task.
    Thanks for sharing such insightful human potential. Remain Productively Blessed!!!

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