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June 3, 2015
Maria Pesin

Who are the most influential style icons of all time?  Or at least modern times. (I think we can eliminate people like Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra).  It seems that different people have different opinions.  Though there does seems to be a common thread.  For example: Audrey Hepburn does top most lists.  On stylist.com they have an article on the 15 most influential style icons of all time.  They have Hepburn as number 1.  They state the following:
“Audrey Hepburn was the picture of pared-down elegance both on and off screen. Who can forget the belted menswear button-down worn with a long skirt and flat sandals by Princess Ann in Roman Holiday? Or Jo Stockton’s Capri pants and ballet flats in Funny Face (revived years later by Gap for a TV ad). Or, of course, Holly Golightly’s oversize sunglasses and little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. At a time when curves ruled (Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor et al.), Hepburn was the physical antithesis—gamine features, a slender boyish physique and a graceful gait born of years of ballet training. Her style choices were always about comfortable, casual elegance, not sex appeal.”
Click on the link below to read the rest of the article.

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