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Is it important to build your email list?  Well, yeah!  Why do you think all the online retailers have a sign-in box asking for your email address when you come to their site?  They obviously know something.  What they know is that someone  who comes to their site is a potential customer.  If a person is interested enough to come to your site in the first place, even if they don’t buy something, they may buy something in the future.  So your email list becomes a pretty powerful group of contacts.  Having a good list will yield better results from your marketing campaigns than reaching out to people who don’t know you.
While email is a comparatively old, un-sexy technology compared to social media, the rallying cries of “Email is dead!” are simply inaccurate.  This thinking undoubtedly hurts the bottom line of those businesses who listen.  According to a recent study by Ipsos, nearly 85 percent of people who use the web will use email, compared to only 62 percent who use social networking sites.
Emailing your list is a very effective marketing tool.  It is a great way to promote.  But it is also a terrific way to engage your customer.  These days it is important to create an emotional connection with your prospects.  Consumers want to buy from companies they like.  Email is one way to do that.  You can send emails that talk about things your buyer would be interested in.  “Creating content that allows us to share our experiences, thoughts, and ideas in real time is becoming an intrinsic part of life in the twenty-first century,” asserts Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.
Building an email list of a targeted audience gives you the ability to reach out on a consistent basis to tell your brand story to your potential customer.  Do what it takes to build your list.

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