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October 4, 2019
Maria Pesin

Tidying up your office will increase productivity. “A well-organized office has huge benefits. In the first place, it provides a feeling of control and competence, which leads to higher levels of productivity. Second, the very fact that it’s organized defends against distractions. Your organized office can absorb the incoming work, and position you for success.”  This is according to Neil Patel Co-founder, Crazy Egg in his article “How to Organize Your Office For Maximum Productivity” – Inc.com December 4th, 2014.  I totally believe this.
My ex-husband’s office was a mess. He swore he new where everything was.  But, the truth is he lost things all the time and spent hours trying to find the things he lost.  I know we have all been in that position.  It costs us countless hours of productivity.  It also plays havoc with our ability to think clearly.  So when Neil Patel says a well-organized  office can position you for success I think that he’s right.
Recently I ready a book called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying”.  It is one of the best books on organization I have read and believe me I have read a lot.  It’s written by a young women Marie Kondo who also has a show on Netflix.  Ms. Kondo has a new take on how to approach organization.  One of her tips  is you should only have to do a massive organization once and from there it should be easy to keep up.  As long as you put things away after you are done with them.  She also claims that if you organize using her system you will want to put things away and she has hundreds of client success stories to prove it.  As my mother always used to say,”A place for everything and everything in its place.  This is a book I would recommend to anyone that knows the value of an organized work space. magic of tidying

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