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As a fashion business owner, you’ve might have heard about micro influencers and wonder what they are. Your undoubtably know that reaching out to influencers is a good marketing strategy. The influencers includes YouTube stars, bloggers, celebrities or a mix of all of them, but what  Micro-influencers are people who have 500 – 10,000 highly engaged followers around their relevant topics.
The  problem with influencers who have big followings is that they usually cost money and sometimes a lot of money to be in their site.  You can also get lost in sea of their promotions.  Whereas with micro influencers you usually only need to supply them with a piece of your product and when they write about you, you stand out.
In a study of done by Makerly.com on Instagram they found that, “Those with less than 1,000 followers generally received likes on their posts 8% of the time. Users with 10 million+ followers only received likes 1.6% of the time. There is a clear downward correlation between follower sizes and post likes. Between the number of followers an influencer has, and the level of engagement each post gets. In other words, as the number of followers increases, the engagement rate decreases.”
The size of the influencers following is not the only criteria but also the level of engagement of their followers.  If they don’t have good engagement then they probably won’t be effective for you and your product.
Finding the right micro influencers for your product will be an important key to your success with engagement with the right audience. So while it is time consuming and you will be doing some testing before finding the ones that will have impact, it is so worth your while to do research to find the right micro influencers and reach out to them. It may not be the only marketing you will do, but, it is a great addition to your marketing strategy.

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