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January 16, 2019
Maria Pesin

Using bloggers to promote your brand is a relatively inexpensive way to get your message out.  According to Technorati, blogs rank among the top five “most trustworthy” sources of information on the internet.  Because bloggers build a following during a long period of time and by producing interesting, quality images or articles, people begin to trust these sources. They relate to them and respect their opinions.  Each blogger has a circle of readers and followers who read and respect their work, and if you can leverage the power of multiple bloggers at once, you’ll quickly build a respectable audience of your own.
You don’t necessarily have to promote to fashion bloggers only.  Think outside the box.  There are lifestyle bloggers that could be perfect for your brand.  Let’s say you make children’s clothing.  You can contact mommy bloggers about your product.  One of the best ways to get a review of your product is to send a free item for the blogger to review.  Remember that like any magazine or newspaper editor there is no guarantee that they will have good things to say about your piece.  So make sure you send something fabulous.  Also the story behind your brand is very newsworthy so include that in your information.  Bloggers like editors need a hook to write about.  So a newsie as opposed to a salesie PR piece has more of a chance of being featured.
Treat bloggers like professionals. Maintaining a blog, a strong following and a personal brand is hard work that is rarely compensated. Make sure that the opportunity you pitch is beneficial to both of you. Don’t forget that the FCC requires bloggers to disclose any compensation or items they receive in exchange for a review, posts or tweets.
Contact bloggers that you feel has an audience similar to your demographic.  Contact as many as you can.  There is no guarantee they will write about you so think of it as a numbers game.  The more you contact the more opportunity you have.  Send them a Press Release and then if they are interested you can then send them the item to review.  Using bloggers to promote your brand should be an effective part of your marketing plan.

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