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October 14, 2015
Maria Pesin

Using social media to market your fashion business is very effective.  However how should you use social media?  Using it just for the sake of using it will not bring you the results you want.  It is important to be strategic in your use of social media.  Marketing through social media is time consuming.  By coming up with a plan you make the best use of your time.  Time is something fashion business owners have little of.
The first question you should ask yourself is…what are your social media goals?  Knowing what you want to accomplish will help you make decisions on what your approach should be.  The next is…where is your audience?  Facebook has an older demographic where Instagram has a younger one.  Knowing the demographics of your group will guide you on which social media you should concentrate on.
What should your social media be about?  One of my recent clients is a handbag designer.  She makes bags with special organizing pockets for things like a computer.  The bags are fabulous and are called Katina Bags.  The owner of Katina saw a need for handbags that would help organize busy women.  So Katina Bags were born.  To aid her in getting her message out Katina turned to social media as a cost effective way to promote her brand.  Since her brand is focused on busy women she decided to direct her content to subjects that busy women would care about.  A big one was organization.  What could be more in line with her concept?
This is what you have to think about when you are planning your campaign.  Who is your audience, what do they care about, and how does that relate to your product?  By focusing on things that are important to your customer you create an emotional connection.  Remember that your product is visual so lots of photos.  And being consistent and publishing often is vital.

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