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January 29, 2019
Maria Pesin

A marketing calendar is a tool showing what marketing events, media campaigns and merchandising efforts are planned and for when.  Many major fashion companies use them to map out their pr and advertising strategies.  In the fashion industry there are times of the year when we promote.  Christmas, back to school, spring season kick off, or the new fall season are just some of them.  Major activities are usually planned around these times.  There are also other actions that are put in at other times of the year so that marketing is done consistently and often.  A good calendar will show the date of an activity plus the dates that specific tasks need to be done to accomplish the activity.
For small or new fashion businesses, marketing can be sporadic. You know you need to market your company, but beyond the initial e-mail and social media blast, you’re too busy to go beyond the quick tweet or maybe the uploading of a few photos on Instagram  here and there. Marketing is work, and you’ve got a collection to ship.
Yet,  no one would disagree that marketing isn’t a vital function for your business. Having a plan in place that outlines your marketing activities on a month-to-month basis assures that a steady stream of promotion enters the marketplace, keeping you in the minds of your established customers and cultivating new ones. The more you communicate about your company, the more opportunity you create for people to hear about you.  With a calendar you are creating a system to follow.  Then your marketing isn’t random and doesn’t get relegated to the bottom of your list.  When your days are busy it is very easy to focus on what’s urgent.  Marketing isn’t urgent but it is crucial.  Thus the importance of a  marketing calendar.

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