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I recently asked my audience what keeps them up at night in their fashion business.  The overwhelming answer was sales.  They either didn’t have enough or in some cases not any.  They were at a loss on what to do next and felt stuck. There are many ways to grow your sales.  The most important is to not avoid it as so many do.  Knowing that sales is something you need to spend most of your time on and actually doing it will make a huge difference.
The thing about sales is it doesn’t happen overnight.  It is the product of time spent in high impact activities.  What you do today will reap benefits in the future.  Sales may start out slow but by consistent action you will achieve success over time.
If your sales are down find out why.  The best way is to see why the accounts you sell are not growing or are declining in business with you.  Use strategies to fix it.
A key to increasing your sales  is to support your sales goal with tenacity and indomitable willpower. Put your whole heart and soul the process and into achieving your sales goals. Make a complete commitment to improve your sales and by doing so you will impact your businesses success. Of course you need to make sure your  product is good and stands out from the crowds.  That is why talking to your customer will go a long way to increasing your lines salability.
Increasing your sales comes from a combined effort of selling and marketing.  Concentrate on the activities that create sales. Create an ideal schedule, and check how you keep daily. It is said that just one hour a day used more productively adds up to more than six extra weeks of productive time a year.  That is pretty amazing!

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