What Makes Your Day a 10?

By Maria Pesin | Business


What makes your day a 10?  I was listening to a Tony Robbins CD.  He spoke about making an activity into a 10 (meaning rating something on a scale of 1 t0 10 at a level 10).  So his example was going for a run.  Normally he feels at a 7 when he goes running.  This time he and his friend were going to make it be a 10.  They discussed how they were going to do this.  Pay attention to the scenery, listen to music, and run in sync, were some of the ideas they had.  Using these strategies the run went from a 7 rating to a 10!

I decided to make my day a 10.  But, what did that mean to me?  Did it mean I accomplished the tasks on my list?  Did it mean I brought my “A” to all I did?  Did it mean that I enjoyed myself?  Did I have to do something that moved me closer to achieving my goals?  Was it all of the above or none of the above?

I looked up some ideas on the internet.  Some of the ideas were:

  1. Take time to feel gratitude.
  2. See friends
  3. Work out
  4. Take a walk in nature
  5. Read a good book
  6. Meditate
  7. Spend time with loved ones


The lyrics in Aquabats – Best Day Of My Life sing…

Today’s gonna’ be the best day of my
Life… so far!
Today’s gonna’ be the best day of my
Life… so far!
I’ve no particular reason why I think
Today’s gonna be so nice.
But today’s gonna’ be the best day of my
Life… so far!


Can it be so simple that you can just decide to have a great day?  So what makes your day a 10?  What do you do to have the most outstanding day possible?  I would love to hear your comments.  Let me know what makes your day a 10.


About the Author

Maria Pesin knows fashion, especially the business side of the fashion industry. Do you know how Manolo Blahnik got his start in the industry? How he leveraged a paltry 3 grand into one of the world’s most famous luxury brands? While she doesn’t take credit for Manolo’s success, Maria has walked a similar path on numerous occasions. The world of fashion is not silicon valley, and it has nothing to do with Madison Avenue marketing. In this industry there is ALWAYS room for something new and exciting, but you have to have your ducks in a row. If that’s what you need, believe me, Maria is the General Patton of fashion ducks!