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November 13, 2015
Maria Pesin

I have a great job!  I work with designers who are starting new brands or who have small brands that they are ready to take to the next level.  Many of them are not even from the industry.  But they are excited and passionate about building a fashion brand.  They aren’t jaded and cynical like many of the industry players.  Executives who are constantly bemoaning the old days, or complaining about how hard business is these days.  Frankly they are no fun.  The newbies with stars in their eyes are the ones I like to help build a successful business with.  Why is the fashion industry so alluring?  Many of these entrepreneurs have been working in other fields for years.  Yet they are willing to start over and spend their life savings on their businesses.
Here is what I discovered.  While us old timers know the industry is not glamorous as people sometimes think, it is way more interesting than a lot of other work.  Think of how dull studying numbers or contracts can be.  Many of these people are stuck at a desk all day staring at computers.  You must admit reading a trend report is way more exciting than reading a report on say financial analysis.  Many individuals have a strong creative personality and would like to express it.  Especially in a way that can earn them money.  Lot’s of people go into other industries because they follow their parents advice and choose the safe route.  They always dreamt of going into the fashion business but were told that they couldn’t be successful here.  Yet the burning desire never left them.  I have clients who come to me in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and even 60’s, who decide they are going to finally give in to their passion and start a line.
Maybe this passion can breath new life into an industry that is somewhat stagnant.  One can only hope and encourage and support these new fashion entrepreneurs.

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