Your Career After The Crisis Is Over

By Maria Pesin | Vibe Consulting

Thing about your career after the crisis is over? Watch this video with marketing guru Dennis Lewis and Maria Pesin, CEO of Vibe Consulting. Listen to their opinions as they discuss the opportunities in the crisis? How you might redefine your career.


About the Author

Maria Pesin knows fashion, especially the business side of the fashion industry. Do you know how Manolo Blahnik got his start in the industry? How he leveraged a paltry 3 grand into one of the world’s most famous luxury brands? While she doesn’t take credit for Manolo’s success, Maria has walked a similar path on numerous occasions. The world of fashion is not silicon valley, and it has nothing to do with Madison Avenue marketing. In this industry there is ALWAYS room for something new and exciting, but you have to have your ducks in a row. If that’s what you need, believe me, Maria is the General Patton of fashion ducks!