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April 9, 2019
Maria Pesin

You must build brand loyalty with your store buyers. This should be paramount to your marketing strategy.  It is much easier to keep a customer that you already have than to go out and look for new ones to replace a buyer you already sell.
Brand loyalty is often times the reason buyers choose one collection over another, and the reason your business will be their first choice. The lifetime value of loyal customers is far higher than non-loyal. Creating brand-loyal customers should be the goal for any business.
10 ways to build brand loyalty with your store buyers

  1. Building brand loyalty starts with the first time you meet a new store.  Make sure you are knowledeable about your product.  Tell the story of your brand so that you engage them emotionally.
  2. Send a note thanking them for their order.  A nice card by snail mail is unique and will have you stand out.
  3. Make sure the, store is successful with your product.  If it sells well in their store that will keep them wanting to buy.  This may involve merchandise switches if something isn’t selling well as well as other strategies.
  4. Good follow up is very important to buyers.  Answering emails and returning phone calls quickly will give your buyers a comfort level working with you.
  5. Always do what you say you will do.  Keep your promises.
  6. Give your buyers marketing materials to help them reach out to their customers about your brand.  Look books, ads, etc.
  7. Ship on time.  Buyers have your orders slotted in their open to buy by delivery.  When you are late it effects their sales.
  8. Communicate consistently.  Don’t just reach out when you want to sell them.  Try to call them weekly or bi-weekly depending on the size of the store to see how your product is performing.
  9. Visit their store and learn more about them.  Even if it is just looking them up on Facebook.  The fact that you know about their store will endear you to them and help you direct them to styles on your line that they will be more successful with.
  10. Finally, people like to do business with people they like.  Work towards developing a strong relationship with your buyers.


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