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May 6, 2016
Maria Pesin

I like to write about things my fashion entrepreneurs ask about.  This week I was asked about how to have an awesome trunk show.    Typically a trunk show was a preview of a designer’s latest fashion collection at select clothing stores prior to its general distribution.  Nowadays it could include any kind of an in store visit where samples are sent to a store for the salespeople to show the stores customers and take orders.
Trunk Shows are a time and money investment so of course you want to do everything you can to ensure their success.  The following are 5 tips for how to have an awesome trunk show:

  1. Only do trunk shows in stores you believe have the best chance of success.  You want to be in successful stores that do good businesses and have loyal customers.  It is also key that the product in the store sells to the same demographic that you do.
  2. Do all you can to promote the event.  Contact local magazines and newspapers.
  3. Incredibly important!!  Have the sales people call their best customers to personally invite them to the event.  Make sure to do a Skype product knowledge before the event with the sales people so they know what you are bringing and can tell their customers.  Of course send postcards and emails to the stores client list.
  4. They say timing is everything so choose a time of year that makes the most sense for your product and choose a day and time when the customers for the store will be available.  Some people have more time on the weekends, some nights, some days.  That is something the store buyer will know.
  5. View the event as a party. “It’s not just a showing,” Have food and beverages and also models if applicable.  I once had a psychic do readings for my customers.  I think they liked that even better than the wine.

I like trunk shows for so many reasons, selling product, meeting your end customer, etc.  But the best reason is to build brand recognition.  Be professional in everything you do and make sure you do not disappoint a customer and not ship something they order.

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