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February 3, 2020
Maria Pesin

An entrepreneurial mindset is someone with the drive to be successful in business. They are consistently looking for ways to start and build their companies. Entrepreneurs are positive and motivated and are always seeking to grow.

So how does one develop an entrepreneurial mindset? By feeding your mind with positive messages. I once worked with a designer on a great project. We had an opportunity to get a substantial order from Saks Fifth Ave. All we had to do was make samples in two weeks. While this was challenging it was far from impossible. However he said no and the opportunity passed. Having a can do attitude is a major attribute of entrepreneurs. They look for solutions in the challenges and don’t automatically say no when one comes up.

When I started my business 6 years ago I decided there would be no plan B, but only plan A. Which was that no matter what I would be successful. And that is the path I have followed since. When something doesn’t work I try something else. I keep on keeping on.

In order to keep this mindset I often revisit my vision for my business. I actually visualize my business as a success. I picture the kind of business it would be, the products I would produce, the staff I would hire, and I even drill down to what the office would look like. Your brand doesn’t differentiate between imagination and reality. When you use visualization your brain is preparing for the actual activity.

Positivity is key to an entrepreneurial mindset. There is a saying that, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. “Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve“, said Napoleon Hill. Surround yourself with positive people, read books that make you feel positive, and meditate. There is a belief that when you take on a lot of activities towards your goals it makes you feel more positive.

Increase your skills. Read something everyday that will teach you something new. Watch videos, listen to podcasts, and take courses. Expand your knowledge. Sharpen your brain. You will be making a better version of yourself.

Put yourself in challenging situations. When I first started in the fashion industry I was incredibly shy. I watched other people make presentations and thought I could never do that. At one point I decided to become a salesperson as I could see that was where the growth was. In the beginning I wasn’t very good. So I worked with all the smallest stores till I became comfortable. Then I worked with bigger and bigger accounts till nothing threw me. I remember making a presentation to Macys CEO and management team. Admittedly I did very good. So good that my new boss was very impressed and ultimately gave me raises.

Push back fear and take risks. Sometimes you will fail but you will also have successes. If you allow fear to impact your choices you will live a very small life. The truth is being an entrepreneur is risky in and of itself. So if you are going to be an entrepreneur you might as well go for it. Don’t restrict yourself by fear of failure.

Learn from your mistakes. Don’t let mistakes stop you. Don’t beat yourself up over them. It is not the mistakes that cause you to fail, but your attitude towards them. When something I try doesn’t work I look at what I can learn from it. Then I go forward with a better plan. You really need to be open to trying things. Sometimes they will work and sometimes they won’t. But remember you don’t make the shots you don’t take.

When you see a barrier rather than letting it stop you figure out a way around it. I have a client who I help sell product for. These days it isn’t so easy to get the names and email addresses for buyers. Stores will not give out the information like they used to. It has been a big challenge to find out who the right person is. I have used several options to find out the information. I use LinkedIn, read financial reports, do google searches and more. Rather than let it stop me I have figured out ways to get around it. The bottom line is it; don’t see the barrier as final but rather something you need to find a solution for.

You can see how the correct mindset is a major ingredient for a successful entrepreneur. Work to develop these traits. While it might not happen overnight if you take small steps daily you will surely cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.

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