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Personal branding can build sales for your fashion company.  Nowadays the face behind any given product, be that a blog, magazine or designer label, is just as important as the product itself–if not more so.  Branding needs to be about fashioning an emotional experience for your target audience.  Having a brand that has a brand ambassador as its spokesperson gives your customer someone to connect to.  Think of all the entertainment celebrities that have groupies or athletes that have die hard fans.  The attachment these fans have is powerful.
Look at some of the top fashion brands today, Chanel has Karl Lagefield, Vogue has Anna Wintour, Versace has Donatella Versace.  These people are brands themselves.  They get loads of press and people are engrossed in following their careers.  I have blogged about having a brand story that your customers can relate to.  Having a personal brand strategy can add to the story. Also people prefer to buy from people not companies. By having a personal brand you can increase sales by increasing customer bonding.
“If your brand is to have a strong identity, it must come from you and not from a committee,” says Tom Ford.  Never forget — people connect with other people. If you don’t appear to be a real person, or if it just looks like you’re faking it, how likely do you think others are to trust you? Even if they do buy into your fake persona for a while, the slightest bit of inconsistency could prove problematic.  So the approach to personal branding is key as well.
Branding yourself attracts attention.  The media is always interested in hearing stories from entrepreneurs who are in different stages of business creation and development.   You want people talking about your company and personal branding is a wonderful way to start the conversation.

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