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October 14, 2019
Maria Pesin

I find most new fashion entrepreneurs are afraid of selling.  They feel selling is sleazy.  So much so that they spend lots of time working on their product but never work on selling it.  They are afraid of rejection.  But, they also don’t understand the sales process.  They think salespeople ram merchandise down buyers throats.  They think they aren’t ethical and that they do whatever they need to in order to make a sale and don’t care about their customers.  Sales is a sleazy business.  Basically they don’t want anything to do with it.
The truth is sales is nothing like that.  Unless of course you are a poor salesperson.  And those never last.   Sales is a transaction between two parties where the buyer receives goods in exchange for money.  Both the buyer and seller get something.  The buyer gets product, the seller gets money.  It is a win win for everyone if done right.
I have a client who is new to the fashion business.  She is very green and really knows nothing about the industry.  She makes mistakes that can cost her a lot of money.  I think she is very lucky to find me.  Not because I am so great, but because I know I can really help her to avoid costly mistakes and guide her towards real success.
That is what sales is really about.  If you have a great product that you know would benefit the stores you sell it to; than they would be lucky to find you.  Assuming that your line would sell well making the stores customers happy and making money for the owners, that sales is a win win.  If you take the word sale out of the equation and look at it as service you are performing sales is not so scary nor is it sleazy.  You are actually doing something beneficial for the account.
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