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May 17, 2016
Maria Pesin

When should a new fashion brand start a PR campaign?  This is a question that comes up with a lot of my start up clients.  While there is no true right or wrong answer,  I have definite opinions about this.  I believe you should not start your PR campaign until a customer can buy your product.  If there is not a place for the customer to shop (it can be brick and mortar stores, on line, in home events , etc.)  than your consumer will be frustrated.
At the very minimum there should be an announcement of when the line will be available.  Target does a great job collaborating with top designers such as Marimekko and Lily Pulitzer.  They announce the date it will be ready to buy and create a huge buzz around it.  This way the customer knows when it will be available and doesn’t have to wait too long.
The famous quote from Microsoft creator Bill Gates says, “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.”  A Public relations campaign is essential to building  your business.   As soon as you have locked in your brand look and messaging and you have product to buy you can begin engaging your target audience(s).   PR is expensive to do in both time and money, that is why a new fashion brand should choose to initiate the campaign when the opportunity is there to get the best results.
 Most importantly  you need to be ready. If your product is not the best version of itself you most likely will get no press or even worse  negative press. And believe me, there is such thing as bad press. So, make sure you are completely ready before employing any PR strategies and make sure your message is clear, focused, and interesting.

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