April 15, 2016
Maria Pesin

Are You Worried About Sales?  When asked most fashion entrepreneurs say their number one concern is booking enough sales.  However, many are so scared by it that they avoid it altogether.  They think selling is sleazy.  Or, they don’t think that they would be good at it so they avoid it all together.
I am going to make the assumption that you have a good line, priced right, and buyers like it.  Because, if that is not the case then you have different problems.  So, if you have a good product then sales should be easy right?  No, it isn’t and since you aren’t happy with your sales I am also going to assume you it’s because you are not  spending enough time on  selling activities.
As an owner it is key that you dedicate time to reaching out to stores with the goal of getting them to place an order.  Especially if you do not have salespeople on your staff.  If you do have salespeople ensure that they are spending their days productively and not on busy work.
As much as we hate to admit it, sales is a numbers game.  The more sales calls you make the more opportunity you have  to get orders.
Take a lesson from Rainmakers, those in the top 10% of all sales performers.  They believe in the power of goals and action plans. Those who truly want to reach the elite status don’t get there by accident — they live by goals, and they are committed to doing what they need to do to achieve.  Usually on the list of their action plans are the number of calls they intend to make in a week.
Make sure to have a good target list of prospects. Every business needs a good prospect list.  Calling on stores that would not be right for your product is a waste of time.
So if you are worried about sales, call more stores each day and call the right ones.

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